Dermalogica Facials
We are proud to offer what is considered worldwide as the number one skincare choice of both professionals and consumers. Free from common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakout and skin problems. We are proud that there is no lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colour or fragrances. So you can feel confident that your skin is safe in our hands, we have the skill and products to make you glow the way should. All tailored to you!

Facial Dermalogica Express Microzone
This Fabulous treatment is idea for targeting urgent skin issues such as breakouts, dull tired skin and tired eyes. Great if your skin needs an urgent pick me up when time is of the essence. Also great as an introduction to Dermalogica Facials. 
(Duration – 35 minutes). 
200 AED

Dermalogica Core
A Fabulous, comprehensive treatment tailor made and based on your own particular skin needs zone by zone using Dermalogica’s unique Professional Products to deliver a bespoke facial. Treatment includes consultation and face mapping, Double cleansing, exfoliating, steam, removal of any blemishes followed by a rich masque, massage and moisturisation leaving your skin in tip top condition. 
(Duration- 90 mins). 
365 AED

Dermalogica Ultra Calming
Relax and enjoy this Super – Soothing, Ultra Calming facial, designed to deliver relief to clients suffering from red, irritated, reactive and sensitised skin.Treatment includes consultation/ face mapping, skin prepping, steaming treatment with nutrient rich serums to smooth and calm, botanical preparations, a healing masque, gentle  massage and a rich moisturiser. The results! Chilled out with Fabulous skin! 
(Duration – 90 Minutes). 
400 AED

Dermalogica MediBac
A deep cleansing restorative facial using Dermalogica’s unique Professional MediBac products to alleviate and banish acne. Treatment includes consultation/face mapping, Deep double cleansing, exfoliation, MediBac treatment, Masque and moisturiser to help prevent further breakouts. 
(Duration – 90 Minutes). 
400 AED

Dermalogica Age Smart Restorative
Designed to help revitalise the skin with its powerful boosting properties that help firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate and energise signs of aging with its advanced multi vitamin complexes. Treatment includes consultation/face mapping, cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, treatment with Age Smart products, massage. Finished of with a unique masque and Age Smart moisturiser and eye cream. 
(Duration – 90 Minutes) 
400 AED

Dermalogica Bio Peel
Dermalogica’s powerful skin resurfacing treatment designed to reduce pigmentation, signs of premature aging,
acne and blemishes. This unique resurfacing treatment has been developed by dermalogica to be gentle and non abrasive, whilst delivering powerful treatment to remove dull skin cells from the epidermis layer allowing regeneration for a smoother more radiant completion. Treatment includes consultation. 
(Duration – 90 Minutes).
465 AED

Dermalogica Back Facial
Deep cleansing and exfoliating to remove impurities, clear pores and give your back a radient healthy glow. Relaxing and stress relieving. Treatment includes consultation, double Cleansing, specially prepared masque and moisturising. 
(Duration – 60 Minutes). 
280 AED

* Duration of Facials include consulation time.