Enhance & Dazzle

Dazzle me with your brilliance and beauty! Spice up your nails for the ultimate WOW factor with our range of nail art embellishments and enhancements. Here at Indah we are proud to use CND for all our nail extensions.
Dazzle me!

Embellish your nails with crystals and jewels. Be adventurous and bring a little fun and sparkle into your life. Prices are per accent.

Crystal Diamond Therapy
Crystals and jewels From                                                      10.00
Indah Nail-Art and Chrome From                                        15.00
Gel or Acrylic Extensions                                                   300.00
French Gel or Acrylic Extensions                                       320.00
Gel or Acrylic Overlay                                                        230.00
Gel or Acrylic Refill                                                            180.00
Gel or Acrylic Repair (Per nail)                                             35.00
Gel or Acrylic Removal                                                         90.00

Hanna Design
Short / Medium / Large Design                    50.00 / 80.00 / 100.00